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Testing Solutions

Software testing solutions come in various forms, including test automation tools, bug tracking systems, SCRUM, waterfall, agile, managing different stages to integration testing and end to end evaluations.

What does it mean to define solutions with testing?

We work to detect and fix errors, as well as, assist in preventing any issues during the software development process. We are involved in every step of the development process for assurance we meet business needs of the software/program after the code is written.

Defining the Scope

Clearly defining the objectives, goals, and scope of the testing effort is crucial. This includes identifying the features, functionalities, and components of the software that need to be tested.

Identifying Risks

Identifying potential risks and challenges that may impact the testing process and the quality of the software. This involves understanding the project requirements, constraints, and potential issues that may arise during testing.

Test Strategy

Developing a test strategy that outlines the overall approach to testing, including the testing methodologies, techniques, tools and resources that will be used.

Test Execution & Reporting

Running the tests, identifying and reporting defects, and verifying fixes entails test execution. Generating test reports that provide insights into the testing progress, test coverage, defect metrics, and overall quality of the software. Test reporting helps stakeholders make informed decisions about the software release.

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